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Fisherman and Trophy Pike

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Stay at Waterfalls Lodge and experience fishing in beautiful Northern Ontario

We Offer Premier Fishing in Northern Ontario

You will find us located in one of the finest fishing areas of Algoma! Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch and Panfish make Waterfalls Lodge an ideal sportsman's and a family vacation retreat.

We encourage the increasingly popular practice of "catch and release" especially with our prime spawning size fish. This is our concentious effort to help ensure a continued abundance of fish in our lakes.

The fishing season typically begins in mid May. When the ice goes off the lakes and the shallows are warmer so the fish wait there till they seek deeper and cooler water in early July. As Fall approaches around late August, the surface water starts to cool and the fish head for the reefs and the shallows again. Smallmouth bass season is open year round in Zone 10 and the bass here are always eager to feed and hit good right through until September! "Trophy Northern" hit anytime so keep a big net and steel leaders always at the ready. Walleye season typically opens the Second Saturday of May.


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From Our Main Lodge...

Leaving the dock you will experience some of the finest fishing in Northern Ontario. Boating from one lake into the next, you can make your way from Tube Lake into Marion Lake into Kecil Lake and all the way to end of the chain right into Lang Lake. This chain of trophy lakes produces some of the best fishing adventures!

It's our hope that all current and future guests will endorse our conservation policy with open arms. After all, it is in everyone's best interest for today and tomorrow.



  • A Walleye 23 inches or larger

  • A Smallmouth Bass 18 inches or larger

  • A Northern Pike 30 inches or larger


Bring your picture or digital camera card to the camp office as proof and receive your FREE catch and release Waterfalls Lodge item. Your name will also be entered into a yearly draw to win a 7-night stay fishing trip to Waterfalls Lodge. with an American Plan package,

Let’s continue to do our part by trying to catch and release the big fish so our grand-children and great-grandchildren will have the same opportunity to enjoy excellent fishing at Waterfalls Lodge!

Our Catch And Release Program

Fly Fishing

For anglers who love to fly fish there are great opportunities to catch both smallmouth bass and northern pike on the fly.


The preferred rods are medium fast to fast-action 6-8 weight rods in the 9-9 ½ foot range that will all work well for pike and bass. For reels a simple click/pawl reel is all that you require.


A Weight-Forward (WF) line matched to a 6-8 weight rod will handle most conditions. We recommend you bring a full sinking line like a Type 3 (3-4 IPS) or greater to get flies down deeper when the fish go deeper. Most bass and pike can be caught in the 3-10 foot range. Leaders in the 8-10 foot length are ideal with 8-10lb rating (0x-3x).


Surface – We recommend foam, plastic and deerhair poppers in black, green and yellow. Yellow seems to be the hot colour most of the time. Ensure your poppers can make lots of noise, that really rings the dinner bell for bass.

Subsurface – Streamer patterns in sizes 2-10 work very well on the bass. Black, olive, white and yellow are extremely effective choices. Top patterns include: wooly buggers, muddler minnows, zonkers, strip leeches and any sculpin patterns such as zoo cougars. A Northern Ontario pattern that is very popular is “Scottys McFly” in white which is deadly


Surface – Any big poppers that make lots of noise and create a wake work well around weed beds, beaver lodges and near drop-offs. Fish big foam poppers (sizes 1/0 to 3/0) with a slow retrieve. Strikes by pike will be vicious.

Subsurface – Big flies that imitate either yellow perch or walleye are a good bet on our waters. Use big streamers (1/0-3/0) in green, yellow, red/white, black and white. Use a full sinking line or intermediate line using a slow twitch retrieve. Ensure you use wire leaders such as RIOs Bite Tippet or Tyger Leader.


Main Lake (Guided Tours)

Bring your family to our lodge for a memorable guided tour of our local lakes. Experience some of the finest views in Ontario and spend a day out on the water.


For some of the very best smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike fishing you will ever encounter. Trail riding to our remote wilderness lakes on our 4-wheel (UTV) all terrain vehicles is an experience you will long treasure. Daily trips include lunch, boat, motor, gas, bait, guide and transportation.

Horseshoe Lake, Big Lake and Little Serpent Lake are just full of big Smallmouth Bass. McCarthy Lake offers northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing. Guided day trips on our UTVs (4-seater Kawasaki Mule) are available for outpost lake fishing.

Big Water (Guided Tour)

Bring your family on a wonderful tour of the waterways of the area. It’ll be an experience to remember!