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Frosted Island

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Stay at Waterfalls Lodge and experience the serene majesty of nature for yourself.

A Spectacular Winter Lodge in Ontario

Winter is a beautiful time of year - the snow blanketing everything, creating a wonderful peace and quiet while giving everything a perfect white cover. At Waterfalls Lodge, we want you to enjoy winter just as much as summer. Our winter lodge provides you with a warm and cozy place to stay while you explore the trails and backwoods of Northern Ontario.


Please give us a call today to learn more about booking.


Please note there is limited space available during the winter.


Young woman snowshoe hiking in a sunset forest

An iconic winter activity, snowshoeing through the trails around Waterfalls Lodge makes for a wonderful time during the snowy months of the year.

Ice Fishing

Trophy perch. Ice fishing background.

Fishing isn’t limited only to the summer – we offer ice fishing as well. Enjoy the quiet peace of fishing and the quiet peace of winter at the same time.

Snowmobile (package only – no separate rentals)

Man driving snowmobile in snowy forest. Man on snowmobile in winter mountain. Snowmobile d

Snowmobiling is another iconic winter activity. You can try out our snowmobiling packages and see some of the wonderful winter scenery in the area.

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